Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hell Freezes Over

Freezing rain stuck an inch-thick sheet of ice on my car, and passing snowplows did little to help the issue. This morning required a good 15 minutes of chipping, scraping, and defrosting for just two windows. I unlocked the trunk but couldn't open it and focused my energies on the driver's side door. My frozen rear-view mirror cracked after trying to adjust it.

During the day ice melted from the heat of the engine and the cab, so while driving down the road this afternoon the entire sheet of ice from the cab slipped down over the windshield. I went completely blind going down a four-lane road.

Somehow I pulled into a movie theater driveway to pull the glaciers off the glass. When I got out the ice encasing the hood fell, en masse, onto my feet. Then the trunk door popped open.

Two thoughts:
1. Always clean off the whole car, no matter how long it takes.
2. Is my car trying to kill me?

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