Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lincoln Log

Today would have been Abraham Lincoln's 199th birthday, and though I forgot to buy him something nice I did visit the Historical Society for festivities. What constitutes "festivities" is a matter of opinion, but hey: here's a mold of Lincoln's face!

Irony #1: To celebrate Lincoln's birthday they displayed a replica of his casket. Irony #2: To celebrate Lincoln's life they held festivities on the site of another president's assassination. Irony #3: A Lincoln impersonator re-enacted the Gettysburg Address in front of people dressed as Confederate soldiers. They applauded.

Abe laments the Buffalo weather


I got an awesome head shot of Lincoln from the balcony!

Kenmore East high schoolers whistlin' Dixie


THAT'S more realistic.

An action shot of the miniature train set. The end!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Bday, Abe. This has nothing to do with Fred's post, but I just want to let the world know that Fred has a serious over-eating problem. Today, he consumed an entire box, that's eight pieces, of frozen fish.