Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wingdings '07

Some of us gang members checked out the Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival. The event was such a success that they ran out of wings after only the first day. If you go next year and you see a wing place from LA selling "Habanero" and "el Diablo" flavors, stay away! They're trying to kill you.

You never who you'll bump into downtown. Look who it was right in front of us in line! It's the greatest Special Teams player of all time, who just got his name on the wall in Ralph Wilson Stadium this afternoon: Steve Tasker! I love that guy.


The awards ceremony. I also took some video footage of the Buffet Bowl championship, where a 100 pound woman nicknamed "Black Widow" ate about eight pounds of food, but I'll save its poor quality for a later post.

MC 2Many Wings warms up the crowd

Jazz Hands

Exotic flavors

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