Sunday, September 16, 2007

H H Richardson Complex

Last weekend I took part in a tour around the grounds of the H H Richardson Complex, also known as the abandoned Psych Center. When it was in operation, the entire thing was 2/3 of a mile long. It's too dangerous to go inside (or so they told us) but the outside is impressive enough.

Stately Wayne Manor

The Masons date back to the Flood . . . because they caused it?

Meanwhile, in the Penguin's lair . . .

The structure is so long it needed vehicle access tunnels going underneath it.

So the building was abandoned, the water stayed on, the pipes froze and burst and water damage tore the building apart from the inside. This is the main entrance for those so inclined.

There is $76 million set aside to fix the structure . . . so they built this fence. Woo hoo!

Behind the Richardson building are several more abandoned buildings. This place is HUGE.

The very edge of the building. One wing was for men, the other for women. The farther from the center, the crazier the patient. The idea was that you'd be closer to the pastoral tranquility of fields and gardens. As you were "cured," you'd work your way to the center of the building and walk out the front door. And with that knowledge, I'll leave you at the extreme end of the looney bin. Until the next post, toodles!

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