Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nerdfest '07

News Flash: I have a fan club. (You'll need a Facebook account to view.)

Meanwhile, the Sabres have led me to drink. There's a film of this somewhere but you can't see a bloody thing and it's sideways. (Nice camera work there, Dave.) So what did I think of my first beer? Personally I liked its toffeeish accent, with a raisiny, plumy fruity note. Remember: had I not drank Lord Stanley's Scotch Ale that night, the Sabres would have never won the President's Cup. It was my civic duty.

This can be found at the CEPA Gallery downtown. Art Art Bo Bart, or Banana Fanna Fo Fart? You make the call.

Also at the Gallery is this:

You might want to check it out.

Did you know there's a Maritime Museum in Buffalo? More importantly, that it's free? I ducked inside during a rainstorm and spent an hour looking around.

Ha ha! Discharged seaman!

The Dun Building next door

Other pictures to catch up on. . . . Some architecture enthusiasts and I went to Boston Valley Terra Cotta, one of only two producers of the stuff in the country. Their first project was redoing the outside of this thing. Some of their newer commissions include buildings in New York damaged by 9/11.

This clay is still drying

A scale model

The real thing

Part of some state capitol. Utah, I think.

Neuman's Own Red Clay Dye

The Burger King

One more picture before I go. Here's the view from the 11th floor of ECMC. For a guy who won't move to downtown for another month, I sure spend a lot of time there.

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