Saturday, March 17, 2007

White Chicks & Gang Signs

The big news is that I'm getting an apartment in Buffalo after the semester ends. If anyone has a hot lead on a decent place in the Allentown/Richmond/Symphony Circle area that will open up in about three months, let me know. If all goes as planned you'll see me walking around this summer's Art Festival in my pajamas.

Megan sent me this old picture of her and her sister. Don't tell her I posted it online. Awwwww:

Lately I've spent time in the ECMC mental ward. No, not for public nudity. And no, I was just VISITING. It's pretty much like you'd expect (Green Day's video for "Basket Case" comes to mind, sans colorization) but one thing struck me as oddly . . . normal . . . maybe? Whenever Sabres are on the whole ward slowly files into the rec room. They watch the game intently and quietly for the full two-and-a-half hours. When the game ends they all get up and slowly file out. I don't even think they celebrate goals. Do they relate to the sight of 18,000 "Cup Crazy" fans in ways the average person can't comprehend? Does watching other people who are out of their freaking minds calm them down? Guess I'll have to Read The Book.

Lately I also attended a special showing of the documentary Murderball with a special talk given by special guest, quadriplegic Olympian Mark Zupan. I had no idea he lived in Buffalo for several years as a kid. This was supposed to be a picture of him in the movie theater. Sorry. In honor of his accomplishments the entire audience sat through the remainder of the film.*

When I lived at Canisius I often took walks past this odd building on Hedley and wondered (A) what kind of rat-infested hole it really was inside and (B) why it didn't look like the buildings surrounding it. Just recently I found out it (A) literally was a rat-infested hole. However, now it is being refurbished because it (B) was originally built in the 1850s as an orphanage and is one of the oldest structures in Buffalo. We'll put this in the Things Only Fred Finds Interesting file.**

Finally, someone please tell me what's going on in the picture below. I laugh my ass off every time I think about it.

*That joke is lame.***

**"TOFFI" for short

***Oh great, I did it again.


Brian Emerson said...

OMG! That Pic is hilarious!

phil said...

i agree with the emerson.

the phrase "holy shit" seems sort of appropriate, no?