Thursday, March 08, 2007

Weekend Update

The only film Leadbelly ever made

A post? From me? I shouldn't have.

A couple of milestones occurred in the past week, and as a nerd I must document them. Here are pictures of my car hitting the 100,000 mile mark.

Once your adrenaline levels go back down, check out the StatCounter to the right. This week it finally hit 10,000, or something like 20 hits a day. It's no, but at least this site is updated.

* * *

Not long ago I got on the Buffalo subway while a guy was having a seizure inside. As a certified teacher I'm actually trained to respond in situations like this. By "training" I mean they showed me a video. By "response" I mean you pretty much make sure they aren't going to hit their head on anything and you leave them alone. Even in a more serious case like this, where the guy was on the ground for a good minute, there is little reason to panic. All I did was give him some room. Other passengers felt differently. One passenger who(m?) I've named Charlie Mensa screamed for an ambulance for five minutes. During those five minutes the man on the floor actually got up AND LEFT THE TRAIN. When Mr. Mensa realized his patient had disappeared he began to give his diagnosis to who(m?)ever was still around. "He must have been embarrassed." Brilliant. "I bet that guy was under a lot of stress. That's how you get those things: you're under a lot of stress." Or, maybe it's a common condition called epilepsy. I'm surprised Mensa didn't just ask the guy to calm down.

* * *

Recently I was also in a bookstore. When I made it to the register one of the customers/cashier's friends began to squeal with delight. "OOH!" she said. "That BOOK! It's been giving me an aura all week. That always means someone's going to buy it." My first thought was "Lady, you need better hobbies." But secondly, you make the call. What kind of "aura" does this book give you?

* * *

This happened in class:

Me: "I learned a new history joke. Want to hear it?"
Class: "Yeah."
Me: "What's brown and hides in the attic?"
Class: "?"
Me: The Diarrhea of Anne Frank.

Student: "I don't think that's very funny."
Me: "Sorry. That was pretty juvenile of me."
Student: "No, who is Anne Frank?"

* * *

I'll end this post with some great pictures. Buffalo City Hall has an observation deck that's been closed for reconstruction about the past year. Using some connections, I was able to get in. Other buildings are taller but not open to the public. Even more unique about going upstairs was that all of the Plexiglas barriers had been removed, giving me and a few guests the best view of downtown buffalo that any tourist has seen in about 30 years. My camera has a water spot (or something) but you can still tell how remarkably clear the sky was last Saturday morning. In the background you can see Niagara Falls:

The Central Terminal, center:

The inner harbor is shaped like a buffalo:

I even got to break into the Council chambers. Here is the President's chair:

. . . and here I am in it.

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