Saturday, February 03, 2007

Gertrude Would Approve

Hola muchachas! This semester has been a blast so far. Here's some miscellany from the past month.

First, actual news: my very first roommate in college, Micah, and his wife have just had their first baby, Sebastian. This picture is stolen from their website but they've already taken plenty more:

Second, I've harnessed 10,000 years of technological innovation and put a poll on the blog. My counter went up by about 500-1000 hits since I last made an MP3 post so I was hoping readers might want to offer some suggestions for the next one. Let's see if more than 10 people click on it.

Third, 1/31/07. Never forget!

Oh, I'll be there.

Fourth, since I'm posting YouTube here's the guy from the Magnetic Fields versus someone on the exact opposite medication:


Innovative. Brash. Classic. I'm talking about the jacket.

Fif, Dave got this info from the Sam Roberts mailing list:

"We've decided to dig into the vaults to pull out a few old tracks. . . . The plan is
that once a week, we're going to put up a different old/rare/demo track from our distant past, for your listening pleasure/scrutiny/horror. It will be posted as our fourth song at" MySpace: Internet for people who don't like using the Internet.* "Wow, you can send messages to other people and everything!"

No one cares about this, but here's the one-time recording of the Melvins and Nirvana performing as one band, Melvana:
In other music news, let's make a list. Who else is reuniting this year?

Van Halen
Rage Against The Machine
Smashing Pumpkins
Jay-Z ("reunion" is pretty relative here)
Mexican Cession
The Police?

Sixth, I went to a screening of Triumph of the Will the other night. The place was PACKED. That's a pretty good showing for a film that's (1) in German, (2) 70 years old, (3) a documentary, and (4) Nazi propaganda. It even got applause at the end. (For the director's work only, of course.) And while the academic audience listened intently to everything Hitler said, they booed and hissed at Goebbels. Odd, huh? Now I find out this guy even has a sweet website and even his own blog, also not bad for a man who killed himself and his family at the end of World War II.

That should do it for now; my bookmarks list is clean again. I don't know if I'll go to a Super Bowl party tomorrow. Remember how gay it was last year?

*Blogs: Websites for people too lazy to write HTML

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