Saturday, January 27, 2007

"What did the chicken do?"

Yesterday I had the privilege of seeing Tom Toles speak at the Burchfield-Penney Art Center. He seems like a nice enough guy. I got to kill two birds with one stone: I saw a political cartoonist who I'd been a fan of since I was ten (Can you be a fan of political cartoons at ten?) and I finally got around to visiting the Art Center before it moved to a new building next door. Ahh, the sense of accomplishment I felt just by standing there!

The standing-room-only crowd

Buffalo News editor Margaret Sullivan introduced Toles. Afterwards she stood next to me to catch her friend Toles' speech. "They have you speak," I whispered as I turned to her, "but they won't give you a chair?" She laughed. Now I'm in with the Buffalo Elite.

The picture quality sucks so you might have to enlarge this: Tom Toles describes how he draws George W. Bush. Get it? He's a right-wing-nut.

Toles also used the term "Mess O'Potamia" a full fifteen years before Jon Stewart.

A couple more by Toles. Why not?

So Tom Toles took a job at the Washington Post but originally worked for the Buffalo News, but that job is now taken by a guy named Adam Zyglis, who used to draw for the Canisius College Griffin. This was around the time that I wrote for the Griffin (short-lived, don't ask), but especially around the time that roommate/Best Bud Dave wrote for them, who coincidentally did an internship in Washington for the Buffalo News. Someone at the talk even thought I was Zyglis (?). I also co-starred in the 1988 movie Criminal Law with--that's right--Kevin Bacon!

As required by law, here's another photograph of a Herd About Buffalo statue.

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