Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sabado Gigante

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BEHOLD the awesome power of the Buffalo Olmstead Parks System! As big as Central Park, it is! The other day I volunteered as a docenting chaperone for a tour of Lincoln Parkway. That sounds like I did something but that's not true. Using some spare time I also took photos of the Hoyt Lake area. Again.

Crackas stole our bikes! There are mothaf***in' snakes in this mothaf***in' lake!

A number of historically significant Indian hobos lived under this bridge, memorialized here in the capstones.

A number of historically significant Indian hobos also gambled at this casino.

Why does the Rose Garden remind me of scenes from "Enter The Dragon"?

"George, I'll take your Gitmo and raise you a habeas corpus suspension! Royal Flush!"

Later I met up with Joey Jo-Jo Jablomee and we tried the downtown Salsaritas franchise. Not bad at all, and it's open until 9. That's about 7 hours later than most downtown restaurants.

Muy grande burrito con nachos! GOOOOOAL!

Then Joe-Bags said "let's try out Sweet Tooth". The place recently moved to a new location; apparently one of the workers wasn't 100% behind the move.

Joe marvels at the Leaning Tower of Gellato. In keeping with dinner, this is their Mexican Sundae. GOOOOOOAL!

Finally, my health insurance sent me a free pedometer with the suggestion that I keep fit by taking 10,000 steps a day. Here is my pedometer reading at 1 PM today. Conclusion: I'm immortal.

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