Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I finally developed my pictures from last October's Silent Auction/BBQ Chicken Dinner/Microsoft ClipArt Festival at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. A great time of fellowship was had by all! (Except the teenage children.)

Ellen Mae broke out her special Shuffleboard Reeboks to help model this dandy basketball. Who says sex doesn't sell?

Wilbur McCreary prepares wife Francis' quilt for auction by holding an old-fashioned exorcism! Cousin Milton, far right, checks for snakes.

Elmer farts in the heating vent, letting the deacon take the blame!

Susan Peters' Young Adult class showed off some dandy visual aids from their recent "Birds and Bees" seminar.

Everyone enjoys Earl Conroy's anti-Semetic jokes!

Even St. Veronica's from down the street got involved! Father Pollard brought some after-barbeque games to play. Most notable among them was "Phlatten the Philistine" where the kids threw balls at Goliath's helmut. Other games included: St. John Bosco Basketball Throw, Mortification Mush, Knock Down the Seven Deadly Sins, and Putt Your Way to Heaven.

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