Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hello. I shaved my facial hair and went on a trip to my brother's house in Boston.

Tim slept on the way there.

Fanueil Hall (sp?) It's HUUUUUGE

Tim in jail

The Boston Public Library's Courtyard

This is what I call the "Jesus Room" of the library. Really cool.

Tim perches in the Virgin Mary cubby.

Tim in the expensive seats in Fenway Park. Well, they're all expensive; these are the ones with windows. We took the tour.

Red Sox Hall of Fame

These seats are OLD


Not so cool.

On top of the Green Monster. Neato!

The view from the Press Box

The view from the field. I hope you can enlarge this.

Then we went to the headquarters of the Christian Scientists. It was only $3 but it was the gayest piece of gay that could have ever been gayed. I don't mean to offend gays by comparing them to this, but my lexicon is diminutive.

Mary Baker Eddy made some bread. They made it an exhibit. BOO HISS.

The "highlight" of the place was a giant globe you could walk in. But the globe was made in the 1930s and horribly out of date. The light show was embarrassing. Also, we couldn't take pictures in it. Here's a nice looking room, though.

The watery fountain thing that they shine lights on. Yippee Skippy. This was the second most important part of the building.

Outside, it looks interesting. But it's not!

Cool bus!

Tim checks his mail

Tim at Bunker Hill. How he spent six months in Boston and never saw this monument is beyond me. It's like 300 feet tall, c'mon!

Tim drops anchor at the U.S.S. Constitution

Tim's room

and Tim's Media Center 'O Fun

The Museum of Fine Arts. With Miss Aretha Franklin, the First Lady.

A 1958 Porche is an excellent idea for an art museum.

Lobby. Check out the guy, just hangin' there! I took like 5 pictures of that thing alone.

I took too many pictures of the artwork, and for the life of me I don't know why.

Paul Revere! I know this guy! He looks like Jack Black.

Greek pottery.

In the same case. They ate and drank with this stuff?


Tim and the GF. Salad.

It's Massachusetts, I guess. WTF?

One more nice shot.

Tim tries to fart in her face. Tasteful!

Waiting for the subway

Tim and his roommate whip out the old 8-bit Nintendo.

Oh! A humiliating loss in Super Contra! They beat the game half an hour later.

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