Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Official Website of Sleater-Kinney


"11/11 We are in the woods of western New York working on the new record. We spend most of the day indoors, eating sugar products. When we do venture outdoors, we're required to wear orange vests, to protect us from stray hunting bullets. And then there is the wild dog issue. Each band member has her own strategy to stay safe: Corin carries a large walking staff, Janet tries the tough love approach, and Carrie dresses up like a mountain lion. Thus far no one has been harmed. At night we watch copious episodes of Freaks and Geeks and are dreading the day when we exhaust all the extras on the DVD."

YOU'RE NEAR FREDONIA?? Can I come watch you record? Do you need a bass player? C'mon, I'll bring snacks!

Also, happy Remembrance Day. American politicians should start a tradition of wearing pins like everyone else.

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