Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jozin z bazin

BearToy [TotalFark]:

"It opens with some sort of fantastic fart horn that converts the player's grimaces into trumpeted staccato bursts of gastrointestinal distress. We are then presented with an absolutely startlingly nauseating black & white jacket that stuns the viewer into a mild coma that we can only assume is an unintentionally benevolent form of anesthesia to prevent full reception of the rest of the performance. We then are subjected to a bearded guy who is having a type of seizure that causes him to jerk about in between episodes where he is caught recovering from being on his knees for reasons which, quite thankfully, refuse to be explained. This continues until an event at 2:01 that, unless you have installed cerebral circuit breakers, may cause your brain to explode. Cieszą się!"

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