Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Detritus pt. 1

N. W. Farnsworth Photography is a collection of images by a former student of mine, mostly focusing on the city of Buffalo. They're really good; check him out.

I still don't have time for a substantial post. Today, however, I found the following computer file. In December I cut and pasted my favorite FARK.com headlines of 2006. Somehow forgot to post them, but here they are. Yes, these all once linked to actual news articles:

Man found dead in cemetery after vehicle accident. Police with shovels indicate that they just keep finding more victims

Sodom and Begorrah: Ireland may legalize gay partnerships

Almost one and a half people are run over by trains each day. "There are no half people" you say? There are after the train goes by

It's bad form to have your cell phone ring during a wedding, especially if it plays the Kentucky Derby's "Call to the Post" just before the bride walks down the aisle

Drunk car thief identified by his fingerprints on hot-dog wrapper; will now get a plump one in the buns

Three new "Trojan" asteroids found orbiting Neptune. Still no sign of that missing Durex in Uranus

English majors' communication skills in demand. Oh fries, fries, wherefore art thou fries?

Medical marijuana stock goes public on Toronto stock exchange. Analysts predict the stock will get really, really, really high

Skydivers' plane crashes, killing all aboard. A life-saving device for surviving free-fall would have come in handy

Explosion inside a Post cereal plant blows one unfortunate employee to Alphabits

West Virginia deemed the least diverse state. Officials counter that it's all relative

Never bring a gun to a cockfight. Or is it a knife to a gunfight? Anyway, one guy's dead

World's largest corn maze built in Nebraska. Maze is designed to be much like Nebraska in that you enter, see nothing but corn, then leave

Many girls in line for STD treatment; each one minds herpes and queues

Shuttle explosion scheduled for Tuesday

Oh my god, this is such wonderful news - FDA approves first medicine to treat both the manic and depressive sides of bipolar disorder. It probably won't work though. At least not for me, I'm such a loser

Man discovers cure for premature ej

Man arrested for "overt sexual activity" on a plane when found with his head on his girlfriend's lap. Lawyers say he was just nauseated. Don't worry, buddy, it's an acquired taste

Zombie chickens terrorize populace. Need... more... GRAINS

Study finds that pigs get bored. Still no cure for cancer. Public hopes bored pigs will resort to eating, choose bacon, create hyperbacon

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Invasive snail found in Minnesota. Everybody walk for your lives

_______/\___________\o/______AHHHH HELP, SHARK

Toys "L" Us opens first store in China

Anderson Cooper To Fill Brown Spot

Nun claims pope cured her of Parkinson's. Still can't shake the habit

Belarus, Belarus, they are opposed to Lukashenko? Police swoop in like lightning, very very frightening, see?

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