Sunday, December 31, 2006


Six people from four states combined forces on Wednesday night, activated our Wonder Twin powers and trekked to The Cheesecake Factory, a timeless land where seconds turn into hours and children magically morph into grandparents right before your very eyes. There are lines just to wait in other lines. There are lines just to wait for a person to tell you to wait for another person to tell you to wait in another line. There are waiting areas you wait in before you get to the real waiting area, but it's better just to wait outside. Ironically, the waiters keep quite busy and don't spend a lot of time in one place.

After THREE HOURS we were famished. Ed started sucking on his toes for nutrients.

The Shangri-La that is the Cheesecake Factory interior

Success. We were supposed to go ice skating, but by this point winter was over. Position 5 ate the Fish Taco.

...and one urinal

The night's highlight was Steinman, appearing out of nowhere as he does less than once per year. We think he comes from the future. The gang watched an IMAX film and he disappeared into the night.

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