Saturday, November 04, 2006

TV is Dead

I barely watch TV but could surf the Internet all day. The following clips are bookmarked in my browser and it's time to clean them out.

Mighty Night. It's kinda funny the first time.

Breaking news of the JFK assassination

The Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs!

The infamous, man-I-gotta-try-it "Ass Pennies" sketch

The banned-but-true "Conspiracy Theory Rock"

The Tourette's weatherman

Cat has a toilet flushing obsession
No embed, but it might be my favorite of the bunch

A one hour BBC documentary on the politics behind Tetris. Yes, Tetris! It's great!

"Bernie und Ert." Ed, can you translate?

The Space Camp Song

And you thought I was bad with directions . . .

Borat meets David Letterman, does a collabo with Beck

The Nutty Buddy. Thanks, Joe

Marvin Gaye sings the national anthem

Film clips of exploding heads. Does anyone remember when Craig Kilborn did The Daily Show? No? All right then.

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