Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Not long ago I dragged a couple people into Parkside Candies because I'd never been there before.

Joe was one of those people. Boy, was he impressed.

Then we went to St. Catharine's for a Danko Jones show. This is the view from the parking garage, but not a view of Danko Jones. To sound more confusing, I'm not sure who took this picture. Joe and I shared cameras.

The Mansion Tavern is touted as the "oldest licensed bar in Canada." That must mean that somewhere in Canada there's an UNlicensed bar that's even older.

toy boat toy boat toy boat toy boat toy boat


Danko taunts one of the freeloaders in the parking ramp. One would get revenge by throwing a bucket of water on the band. Thanks for taking away our encore, jerks.

In conclusion, that was my eighth Danko Jones show. And the fourth that ended at Denny's.

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