Sunday, October 23, 2005

When Only Slabs of Pink, Jellied Byproduct Will Do

Los Angeles Times

Buddy Joe and I considered going to the Sabres game last night as well as seeing The Shining at Midnight Movie Madness. But first, eats. We met at Duff's at six o'clock facing a twenty minute wait for seats. Forty-one wings later we were late for the game. We watched part of the game on his TV and then he serenaded me with some of his new demos. I read his Spin and checked my Ebay auctions. Then we decided not to go the movies and watched part of Saturday Night Live instead. Until SNL started I felt we'd wasted the night. Sure, Duff's hit the spot (and then tried burning a whole through its lining). But it was a lot of buildup and a couple big letdowns. After seeing the first six or seven sketches, however, I realized that it was only one night. The SNL writers wasted a WHOLE WEEK. There were two sketches where the same guy impersonated two different news anchors. What's the point? And what about Catherine Zeta-Jones dancing--two more sketches--is at all funny? Guest correspondent bits on Weekend Update went out of their way to avoid punchlines. I haven't watched that show in a couple years and wow, I don't regret it at all! Now that Tina Fey is back I hope she can knock some sense into everybody.

As I write this the blandness continues. I'm having the second-worst day of my three-year NFL Pro Pick'em career, and the Bills are losing by a couple touchdowns to the freakin' Raiders. I finished off the leftover wings from Duff's and have a belly too expanded to consider changing out of my pajamas. I also have work tonight and won't get back home until about 11 AM tomorrow. Flange-tastic!

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