Monday, September 19, 2005

Digital Archive Project :: MST3K

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Mystery Science Theater 3000
has been my favorite show since I was 10. Only recently, however, did I find out there's been an organized effort to record all 11+ years of episodes. Awesome. So does anyone out there have access to a DVD burner. I have some 700 mb .avi files to convert and my hard drive is full. I'll, like, pay for everything.

I haven't posted anything in a while because I'm working overnights at a new job (it's 9:30 AM and almost time for bed) and trying to finish my Masters project. Should Masters have an apostrophe, or capitalization? It appears both ways in a lot of places. I also have some blogs on my favorite places list that I'd like to purge right here:

Google Blog Search (cool)
Post Secret (creative)
Manchester Marks (ditto)
Online Tickle Articles (disturbing)
Big Ed (keep posting!)
The Chaff (HI-larious)

Old Grandma Hardcore (?)

Here are some other dumb links:

J. E. Swearingen (goes with The Chaff)
WBNY All-Talk Mondays(including distant relative Leonard Roberto on Primary Challenge)
Newstead Historical Society (sadly on Geocities) is a must-read site.
X-Mail Hard Drive
And just because it seems quaint in hindsight. . . .

There, I feel clean. Time for bed.


Carlie said...

Post Secret is awesome.....

but at first I thought it might be about cereal, before I looked at the site.......

David J. Hill said...


Associated Press style says to do the following regarding your degree: master's.
You're welcome.